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Taking a break...

As I have now ”officially” started my three day Memorial Day weekend, I realize I have a moment to catch my breath and create a small piece of writing. For the past five months I've taken a vacation of sorts from designing costumes. It's been very nice.

Meanwhile during three and a half of the said months, I've been an Adjunct Lecturer for the Theatre and Department at the university I work at. I've been teaching two classes and co-teaching a third. I'm learning so much from this work. In a way in has invigorated me back into theatre again and helping me rediscover why I chose it as a career in the first place. It's been nice to be in the back seat taking a ride, instead of always driving.

However, just when I'm getting used to this ”vacation” the real world beckons me. I'm currently getting back in the driver's seat for an upcoming production in 2020 where I will be designing costumes. I've felt a little clunky getting back in the car, but I expect to be driving along in a few week's time.

I'm looking forward to the creativity that will flow from within.


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